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Nowhere Is a Sometime Thing

As performed on the Grammy nominated CD, Intrada.

A bolero-type blues in the Ellington-Strayhorn tradition, this chart features subtle color and voicing changes that build to a rousing final shout chorus. It features solos for trumpet, trombone, baritone sax, and clarinet.

5 saxes (reed 1 - alto/cl, reed 2 - alto/piccolo/flute, reed 3 - tenor/cl, reed 4 - tenor/cl., reed 5 - bari/bs. cl.), 4 trumpets (2 dbl. flugelhorns), 4 trombones, piano, bass, drums

Lead trumpet high note – written E6

Grade 5 (Time 6:33)

Price $50 (score and parts)

You will receive 1 file containing a transposed full score and all parts in pdf format. With your computer and printer you can print score and parts for your use. Please, no sharing or loaning of copyrighted material.