I am happy to announce that in addition to being available for Seminars and Guest Residencies, I am now offering Online Zoom Lessons in two formats.  Please see below and if interested, please use my CONTACT form to reach out to me for availability and pricing.

1. A 90-minute general lesson/consultation: basically a lecture/seminar similar to the approach that I have used as a guest lecturer built around my experience in Hollywood. We’ll begin with general thoughts on my approach to arranging and orchestration. There will be some pdfs available to download that I will discuss. There will be a list of recommended scores and books to study. Then, a big part of the success of this lecture/seminar will be for you to have good questions that will drive the discussion to fit your needs. So for this one time session, once you make the purchase, I will send you an email questionnaire. In addition, I will ask you to include specific questions that you would like answered during the lesson/consultation. You will also have the opportunity to submit one (1) of your scores with specific questions for my comments during our meeting.  A reminder: this is more of a one-time lecture seminar. For more in depth work typical of an ongoing private lesson student/teacher type relationship, please consider my lesson package below.

2. For more individually based composition/arranging/orchestration private lessons, please consider a package of three (3) one-hour lessons. These will be tailor made to the student’s level and interests and can encompass jazz arranging or film orchestrating or a combination of both, depending on the interests and needs of the student. I am offering this package only in groups of three lessons. I do this for several reasons: One, these will be lessons with assignments according to the student’s needs. And two, it will give us the opportunity to work together on one of your personal projects or I’ll give you a new project that we can work on over the course of three lessons. You can purchase as many lesson packages as you want until you get tired of me! (Please no beginners - I am not available for that kind of private instruction. For beginners or those inexperienced in music theory, I would recommend my 90-minute lecture/seminar. That seminar can be as simple or as complex as the student's needs dictate.)